Change your decor in a snap with our wall murals!

Want to make a big impression? Use a custom printed wall mural. Wall murals enhance the appearance of any room and leave a lasting impression on the customer. Our custom wall murals can be printed on both smooth and textured wall covering materials.

At KAUFF’s Wrap, you can use your own artwork or select from our library of hundreds of high-resolution designs and photographs. You can cover an entire room from top to bottom or a single portion of one wall. We specialize in corporate and retail wall murals for short or long-term applications.

Best Uses for Wall Murals from KAUFF’S Wraps
Wall murals are an excellent way to tie your retail space to your brand for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Schools are a perfect example; fun, educational wall graphics can enhance the learning experience and help get kids excited to be there. In hospitals, wallpaper murals can transform a boring, sterile exam room into a soothing landscape that calms patients’ anxious nerves. Our environmentally friendly HP PVC-free wallpaper and HP Latex ink are safe for use in hospitals, schools and children’s bedrooms.

Custom Wall Mural Materials

We stock a variety of wall mural and graphics materials to meet nearly any need:

  • A variety of custom wall mural fabric
  • Repositionable, pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Environmentally friendly HP PVC-free wallpaper
  • Dreamscape wall covering in 15 unique textures
  • Fire retardant textured materials for indoor and outdoor use

Custom Wall Mural Details

  • Wall murals are easy to clean with basic soap and water – no special cleaning products needed
  • Thanks to our UV resistant inks, your wall mural can last at least 10 years and in some cases well beyond
  • Wall murals are best applied on smooth, flat surfaces


  • Can be cut to almost any size
  • We use a precision flatbed cutter to ensure seam-to-seam precision